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Family Time in Georgia

My sister and her husband (Mary Beth and David) are missionaries with the Anglican Church down in Belize, Central America. They just had their first baby one month after me and are currently in the States to raise support and reconnect with churches. Well they told me that they would be in Georgia for a bit so I bought myself a plane ticket, kissed Matt goodbye and got Josh and myself onto a plane headed for GA! I told my brother and sister-in-law (Nick and Miriam) that I would be there and how they should go too so I could meet their newest baby girl (she had her second daughter in-between Mary Beth and me (so all three of us girls had our babies within a month of each other). I had already met my nephew in Indiana but wanted to get all of us siblings together again since Mary Beth and David are missionaries in another country and Nick and Miriam and Matt and me are military (Nick is a Marine) and honestly, who knows when we'll all get to see each other again.

So I was able to see my siblings and their families along with all of my Georgia relatives for two glorious weeks! We went swimming, had a huge family dinner with everyone, went to the Atlanta Aquarium and went out on my Aunt and Uncle's boat for a day! Who knows when we'll all be able to get together again but give me a few sweet moments with my family when possible and you know I'll do my darnedest to be there! Matt was even able to come out over Labor Day weekend to see everyone! All in all, it was a wonderfully sweet time!

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