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The Update

Well, I had intentionally stayed off of my blog because I wasn't wanting to announce pregnancy number three on here just yet and then just completely forgot once I did make the announcement.

Life has been busy! I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a little girl! As per usual with my pregnancies, this has been another rough go. My body just doesn't handle pregnancy very well. I'm always incredibly sick the first trimester and most of the second trimester and then my body makes too much relaxin starting early in the second trimester through birth where my back and hips kill me and I have a very difficult time moving around at all.

This time around, whenever I'm even a little bit active, I start cramping severely and have been told that I really need to take it easy and rest because that cramping could easily turn into full blown contractions. So here I am caring for my two and three year old extremely active boys and trying my best to sit around and not do to much. It's very difficult!

I have also been told that it was very dangerous for me to get pregnant again due to my last births. I had shoulder dystocia with both boys who came a little early at 37 weeks and were not large at all. With Jonathan, I also had a retained placenta that was almost considered placenta accreta. My doctor had to scrape the placenta out of me and almost couldn't get it.

It would have been nice to know just how dangerous it was for me to get pregnant again before I got pregnant again but here we are.

They've decided the safest route for me and baby is a C-section this time which makes me nervous and also bums me out that I won't actually be "birthing" her but I agree that safety is the main priority here to ensure that I'm still around for all of my kids.

I've also been told that this really needs to be my last pregnancy due to the safety concerns mentioned. Had we been told just how dangerous it was to get pregnant again, we probably would have ensured I wouldn't get pregnant again right after the boys. So I've signed a form giving the doctors permission to remove my last tube (the left side got removed after it ruptured from my ectopic pregnancy).

These have been some difficult decisions but Matt and I are in agreement and want the safest route. If I do have a full on placenta accreta this time (we're going to try to check that Jan 6 with my Perinatologist), they'll have to do a hysterectomy.

So yes, a lot has been and is going on with this pregnancy and making sure baby girl comes out safely. I've never been "high risk" with a pregnancy so this is very different with all of the concerns, considerations and planning.

Originally, the doctors thought baby girl had trisomy 18 due to a 5mm cyst in her brain. Thank the Lord it went away and she's been cleared through a late NIPT to not have any abnormalities! So we went from being high risk due to baby girl to high risk due to me.

Prayers please for an easy and uneventful csection and that baby girl and I are both healthy and safe through all of it.

As far as our house update goes:

The kitchen is still torn apart. They did put the oven back a couple days before Christmas so I could cook Christmas dinner and it's so nice to have that right now! They should be starting all of the repairs the beginning of the New Year and hope to have it done by the first week of February in case baby girl decides to come around when her brothers did. We'll have to find a hotel, air bnb or maybe even rent an RV while they redo the flooring. They'll be removing and replacing all of the downstairs flooring since it goes through the whole lower level. So that will be yet another stress but hopefully will only take 4-7 days since our flooring is floating and not glued down.

We had also started the process of getting solar before everything with the kitchen happened so that got started right before Christmas and will be finished the first week of January.

There's definitely a lot going on right now that has me almost constantly stressed and a lot of times at my breaking point but it should all be finishing up soon hopefully.

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