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Baby Food

While some babies can be picky with their food, my child is not. I know this may not last and he may suddenly hate everything as a toddler and so on but I’m taking full advantage of his lack of pickiness at the moment!

There seems to be a feeding debate with babies at the moment on when to start solids. Some pediatricians say wait till six months while others say start at four months. We decided to get our go ahead from baby cues on how interested he was in food. Well, he was giving us most of the cues for readiness at 2.5 months..! Staring at our food, watching us like a hawk while we ate, good head control and could prop into a mostly sitting position. We also got lucky in that our pediatrician is all for starting babies on foods at four months and introducing as many typical allergy food as possible before six months which is the same thinking that we have. Josh has been eating baby food and food off of our plates since four months and we managed to introduce the typical allergy foods! This child gets upset (and will let you know it) if he catches you eating and you don’t share with him. He eats one scrambled egg for breakfast, a piece of bread with (unsweetened) peanut butter (I use an organic peanut powder so I can choose the consistency) and puréed veggies or fruit and then whatever we’re having for dinner (along with any snacks I eat or any food while we’re out).

I love that he’s eating mostly what we eat since it saves us from buying tons of baby food jars and you know exactly what’s in it. I’m not the type to make him his own special baby food though. He literally eats what we eat as long as it’s not spicy and doesn’t have honey. I’ve stopped using much salt as well when I know he’s going to be awake and wanting the food since too much salt can be very dangerous for little ones (and surprisingly, I don’t mind the taste from lack of salt).

So dinner tonight was stew that I did a chunky mash up for him of the potatoes, butternut squash, stew liquid and then added in beef from a baby jar since I didn’t want to blend it. He was a fan and it wasn’t hardly any extra work to feed him!

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