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Who's Driving this Boat?!

Parenting; I've finally come up with the analogy that just seems so fitting to me.

I called my mom for a mommy pep talk. Hopefully you've been blessed with a relationship with your mother or another mother figure to know how meaningful those are. Pep talks from friends and other family members are always welcome, helpful and nice; but there's something more when the pep talk comes from your mommy.

After three weeks of sickness running through this house, we're all finally healthy and almost to no symptoms. Josh got sick first, followed by Jonathan, Matt and then me. Luckily I was healthy the first two weeks to care for everyone. No, we did not get covid. Yes, we checked multiple times. Croup and Rhinovirus came bulldozing through our house.

It was a lovely break from therapies while we attempted to get better, although I did realize that I really missed our regular therapies for the extra help that the boys receive and the conversations that I get to have. We're now going to start getting out of the house between and around therapies for some fun again! In the near future, we'll be doing the beach, Waterfront Park, the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park (all of our go to locations).

As I start to mentally prepare to be going out again and get back into the swing of therapists being over daily, I'm realizing how much of a rut I feel that I've fallen into.

Matt and I are doing great! The rut I'm feeling is with parenting. We've been in survival for some time now just with being sick and whatnot and I'm realizing that I have no blessed idea on what I'm doing. Sure, I play it off that I've got most everything under control; and yes, I do have a tendency to just get sh*t done because I really have to. Most of the time I feel a bit lost and like I'm constantly guessing. I'm not sure that will ever end though, because as parents, we're all trying to figure out this life that we're living. Whether we have babies, toddlers, children, preteens or the dreaded "teenager" *insert terrified face here*, we parents are always having to figure out the new stage in life. I don't know about you but I always assumed my parents knew everything while growing up and that nothing phased or scared them (not including my "I know everything teenager phase").

As the parent however, I can confirm both from my own experience and from learning this extremely surprising tidbit from other parents: we have no idea what we're doing half of the time and live life making guesses and being pleasantly surprised when we guessed correctly! Who knew?!

Which brings me to my new parenting analogy:

Parenting is like being thrown onto a boat in the middle of the ocean with absolutely no idea on how to drive said boat. I have no boating experience. I may have finally figured out how to turn the boat on and am clumsily taking guesses at different buttons and knobs. This is a sophisticated boat by the way. Who knows what the many buttons, knobs, leavers and sails do but guess what? At least we're not sinking! Eventually we'll get to our destination while we figure this out; and at times, we may even take on some water. But we haven't sunk!

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