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To Clean, or Not to Clean?

It's so interesting how you can block out the majority of your house and only focus on one area while sitting on your couch writing and reading a book and feel completely refined. To be more clear; my house is a disaster zone. BUT, (a big but (see what I did there?)) I cleaned the living room and dining room today! Which means that I'm sitting on my couch, intentionally facing away from the mess so that I can enjoy my childfree night now.

With two little ones and a deployed husband, I'm finding that there isn't as much time as I thought during the day. I mean, sure, there are 24 hours...but that doesn't mean that it feels like there are that many hours.

Some previous injuries have hampered my ability to fully interact with the boys and keep the house clean this past week. Now yes, I can be a slob quite easily but as I've gotten older, I've come to find that the state of my house directly affects my mood and temperament. Therefore, the only thing to do is slowly chip away at the house and try to remind myself that while I have young children, my house will not be spotless; and one day, I will probably miss that.

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