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The Ridiculousness is Unbelievable

So this is going to be a bit of a rant and will most likely make some people upset but oh well. As we quickly approach Josh’s second Birthday, you would think that this would be a time of joy and anticipation of what the next year will hold for my first son. While yes, I am excited for his next stage of growing, I’m filled with extreme dread for the fact that he’ll be “two”. We go to the zoo and get a judgmental look from the person sitting behind their protective barrier while they ask “is he two?”, we go to Costco and get asked the same thing at the entrance while the employee holds out a mask for him. Now I have been able to answer truthfully when I tell these people “no, he’s one and a half” or “no, not yet” but that’s quickly coming to an end. I don’t want to lie to anyone on his age as I’m just not comfortable with intentionally lying to people, However, (here’s where many of you will think “oh I didn’t think she was one of ‘those’ people”) I am absolutely NOT making my two year old wear a mask.

Clearly it was was some extremely delusional ignoramos at the CDC who must not have any kids of their own to randomly decide “let’s make the age two for mask wearing”.

Have you tried to get a two year old to do something they didn’t want to do? How about wear something they didn’t want to wear? My child had temper tantrums today because I told him he couldn’t have a nerds rope (choking hazard), I didn’t let him run into the street (cars), I didn’t let him play in the San Diego river (gross water), I let him go in the backyard with me (cause he wanted to...), I closed the door behind him so the cats wouldn’t get out...he won’t wear hats or sunglasses even when I try to make them fun. A mask isn’t going to happen.

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