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Lately, I’ve been putting off blogging during Joshua’s naps because I don't feel like doing anything! So then I get to bedtime and am too tired to do it. Which means I’m going to blog during nap time now or right after he goes down for the night.

As I sit here writing while Josh naps and Matt writes a paper for his class, I decided to turn on football. Not because we wanted to see the game (we don't watch sports unless someone else wants to watch or they happen to be on where we go) but because I grew up with my dad watching football every week and it’s now something that makes it feel like Fall and the holiday season since it was a part of my childhood. There are a few teams that I hate with a passion and as I think about it, I believe there’s more NFL teams that I dislike than I actually like. I can still enjoy good plays and catches regardless of the team though. So here we are, watching football.

We went to a friend’s house yesterday to watch their team play for collage football and something that I find so interesting is how intense the college team fans get compared to the NFL. I don’t think it’s bad in any way, it’s just interesting to see the difference in the intensity for those watching. The one difference (or I suppose actually two) would be the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Those are two cities (or region in the Pats case) that I wouldn’t be open to those that I meet or happen to be around about absolutely hating their teams. Unfortunately, I now live in New England which means my mouth stays tight shut when I go out of my house!

At least I can enjoy the season regardless of what teams are playing. Now to go get my child who is awake again and introduce him to the Fall (yes I know the NFL goes through Fall) sport!

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