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The Purge

As it truly begins to feel like Fall here in Rhode Island, it means that I can finally decorate my house (it is September after all)! I wait all year to be able to break out the Fall decorations followed by the Christmas decorations! I'm not one for Halloween decor other than a carved pumpkin so my decorations get to stay up (one after the other) for the entire holiday season!

Before decorating your house however, it can be very helpful to clean it first. Once the decor goes up, it gets harder to clean and can in some instances look a bit cluttered depending on how many decorations go up. Therefore, we took today to deep clean the downstairs to prepare for decorating. This was actually a win-win since we hadn't finished up moving in altogether and a good deep clean definitely finished up the last of the boxes and got everything into it's own spot! Seeing as we're going to Japan next, we decided that we should purge while cleaning because lets face it, if we haven't used it in the four months that we've lived here or even stopped using it before we moved, do we really still need it? NO! The garbage can got considerably fuller today and our house got that much more comfortable to be in!

Some people will wait till Spring to do a "Spring Cleaning" but I feel like doing a deep clean more than once annually is good for the soul! When the house is clean, you're in a better mood and more relaxed (at least that's my experience). I like to deep clean before and after any holiday decorating and then before family visits (who doesn't on that one?!). Plus with a baby who's on the verge of crawling, some unintended baby proofing certainly isn't bad!

So go ahead and decorate! It is September after all! And if you decide to do some cleaning before, during or after, good for you! The cleaning certainly helps with preparing for a mobile baby before he gets going and I'm suddenly running around the house pulling everything up! You can finish your day with some soup and alcohol! Win-win!!

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