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So Long, Farewell, Hello!

We are long overdo for an update on our little growing family.

Matt finished up SWOS back in December and then went to VA for one of three schools that he needs before reporting to his ship in Japan. Josh and I were on our own from the end of December to the end of March but were able to have Matt come home for every holiday weekend which was extremely nice!

As Matt finished his first school, COVID-19 became a problem, particularly for any military members/family who were supposed to be PCSing overseas. Because of this, our original leave date of May 18 was pushed back with the stop-movements. With the stop-movement that goes to June 30, that pushes me too far along in my pregnancy to be allowed to fly to Japan which then put our newest plan into place that will have Josh and myself going to San Diego to stay and Matt to Japan as a geobachelor for a year until his ship home-port shifts to San Diego in the Fall of 2021. While we aren't looking forward to being apart for 12-14 months (which also means Matt will miss the entire first year of our second child's life) and Matt isn't looking forward to living on the ship for that whole time either, it makes more sense financially for us with how expensive it is to get four animals overseas, living off-base and then shipping animals back after only one year.

Matt's third school that is needed before he reports to his ship is in San Diego which has been scheduled and then canceled over and over again. He will now be doing that school in July and then reporting to his ship the end of July, right after my due date. At this point, we are now hoping and praying that I go into labor right at 37 weeks (I'm currently 32 weeks) so that Matt will get a couple of weeks to meet our newest son before leaving for just over a year.

We will be driving across the country again vs flying since we have a small zoo. Josh and I both have doctor's appointments on June 2, our pack-out is scheduled for June 1-3 and we will be driving away from Newport right after the moving truck finishes loading on the 3rd.

While I am excited to be going "home", I am also sad to be leaving Newport. This is such a beautiful city! You don't need a sprinkler system to keep your grass alive, you can keep a garden without having to water it, all of the seafood is amazing and a lot cheaper then other cities, there's a constant breeze, birds singing and smell of salt being on an island, the houses and architecture are beautiful, there are "real" trees (I don't consider palm trees or eucalyptus trees "real" trees), there are actual seasons, we live 5 minutes from downtown but are just out of it enough to not have to deal with tourists or "city living", almost everything is walking distance from our house and there is so much green! We didn't get to do as much exploring as we would have liked while living here with COVID-19, since we had planned to do New York City and Washington D.C. this spring; we did manage a day trip up to Boston last Fall which was very enjoyable!

So here is an easy bullet point list of what's happening:

  • I am 32 weeks pregnant and due July 24

  • Josh is walking (and running)

  • We leave RI June 3

  • We are driving cross country (again)

  • We bought a house and close June 12!

  • We are shooting to get to San Diego June 11 or 12

  • Matt has his last school (needed before reporting to his ship) in July

  • Matt leaves for Japan till Fall 2021 mid-end of July (hopefully after baby is born)

With the fact that we are moving back to our hometown where we have many friends and family, we decided to put on here how we are handling COVID-19/quarantining/social distancing so that everyone can be aware.

I am considered high risk with my asthma and being pregnant on top of that. My OB and primary have cautioned my family and myself to be extra careful because of this. I am unable to wear fabric masks or even the thinner paper masks since I pass out or black out within 5-10 minutes of putting it on. I wear the thinnest paper one I've been able to find for doctor visits and absolutely necessary errands that must be run but Matt has been doing all of the errands so that I don't have to go into any stores that require a mask (Matt had to catch me multiple times when we went to the commissary a couple weeks ago since I was blacking out multiple times on every single aisle) but this will all change after Matt leaves for Japan since I won't have him to do the errands.

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again but we will be extremely limited and careful in how we handle socializing.

We will not be allowing anyone (family or friend) into our house before or after baby has been born.

We will be open to meeting friends and family outdoors as long as everyone agrees to 6ft distancing, no touching, hugging or sharing items with Matt, myself and Josh.

We know it will be hard for people to see Josh in particular since he's mobile and will most likely try to get near others so friends and family will have to be extra vigilant in not allowing him near you.

From 35 weeks pregnant and for two months after baby has been born, we will be 100% quarantined (per OB and pediatrician recommendations).

We know that everyone is quarantining and social distancing in different ways and levels of strictness and that there will be many who don't agree with how we are handling this but we ask that you please respect our decisions in how we feel that we can best protect the health of our family and we will give you the same courtesy (even if we disagree with you).

We are so looking forward to being back where we have a solid base of friends and family and can't wait to see everyone again!

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