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Screenings and Productivity? Who Knew!

You know how when you have a baby in the house and your days all seem to melt together? You tell yourself you need to go to the grocery store, make doctors appointments, clean the house and make dinner within the next couple of days and then you look up and realize it’s been over a week?! Yeah, welcome to my blur of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving caring for my son and seeing his new milestones! But every day I have to ask myself multiple times “What day is it? What month are we in?”! You always hear other parents talk about how unbelievably busy they can get with just one little baby in the house to the point that they start falling behind on certain chores but I honestly never truly believed it would be that easy for that same occurrence to happen to me! Ha!

With getting ready to move to Japan, the military makes you do a health screening beforehand. This is to ensure that should you have some kind of an illness, disability or medical something that would need extra attention, they don’t send you somewhere that they can’t provide you with the proper and much needed care. You have to go to dental first followed by your PCM and have both doctors give you a clean bill of health to then turn in.

Since moving here to RI, I have yet to see my PCM (she’s scheduling into the new year already and I haven’t yet found a dentist. Well, once your service member receives their orders to an overseas station, you have 60 days to complete all of this (they have 30 days).

Fun fact: If you don’t have a dentist yet, you may be seen at Dental (military dentist). I went there last week to get that taken care of (no cavities!) with no problem!

You have to do dental first and then your PCM. I’m not sure why the order matters but there you go. So this morning I met Matt at the clinic here which only sees the active duty members (all dependents have to be seen by civilians now at this base) to see if they could see me just for the screening. I explained that I wouldn’t be able to be seen by my doctor (consequently I haven’t yet seen her and that’s with trying to be seen to confirm a pregnancy and then needing emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Still haven’t seen her! Ridiculous!) till the new year which is well past the date that I have to have all of this done. I showed him my completed paperwork and they booked me for the end of this month! So even if they tell you the rules are one way only; even the military will work with you to help you get done what has to be done!

So in one day, I made a much needed appointment, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house (it helped that Josh took a two hour nap today!), made dinner, bathed my messy child since he decided to cover himself in the refried beans I fed him (don’t worry; I made them from scratch and didn’t “fry” them before feeding them to my baby!) and cuddled up with Matt for a movie! This was one of my more productive days without a doubt! And now without further ado, I’m going to pass out in bed because I’m absolutely exhausted!

My life is a beautiful, glorious mess, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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