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Paperwork, Bad Backs and a Crying Baby

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

It's been a few days since I've sat down to write. There's an odd mixture of so many things that need to get done and then periods where there's absolutely nothing to do. It's a very odd phenomenon.

Just when we thought that we had our overseas screening packets done and ready to go, we found out that I have to do even more paperwork and attempt to get in with my doctor in the next couple of weeks to finish this paperwork and turn back in. Apparently having asthma makes all of this harder and on top of that, my doctor is already booked into the new year. I'm seriously considering calling Tricare to switch providers because I have a real problem with a doctor who is so unavailable. We also found out that Josh's packet wasn't completely finished by his pediatrician (it's not her fault that she didn't realize she was supposed to fill out the dental portion as well). So we went from having three completed packets to only one and a lot of stress for the other two. At least we have some time before we leave, but I was told mine needs to be finished ASAP so Matt's next command can decide if I'm allowed to go with him with my asthma (shouldn't be a problem but still causing anxiety!).

A few days ago my back went out. Matt called me from school to say that his car battery died and asked if I could come by to give him a jump; so up to the baby's room I went to wake him up from his nap and get him into his carseat. This is when my back went out. I don't know how I managed to get us both back downstairs but we weren't going to stay up there and Matt needed me. So I took one of my most painful drives ever onto base. The kicker here was that as I pulled into the parking lot to meet Matt, another guy was leaving and pulled in front of me where he asked Matt if he could help him with a jump to which Matt replied "my wife is actually right behind you". So in my state of incredible pain, I got rather irritated that I woke the baby and was in pain to give him a jump when some guy could have helped. But I do like that he asked me for help. It made me feel useful and I like that he thought of me. I have learned over the last few days however that it is not very easy at all to care for your child (particularly when they are of an age where they can't walk) when your back is out. I am also a side sleeper and had to sleep on my back for multiple nights now. Luckily today is the first day that I'm feeling better. I'm still in pain but it's nowhere near as bad as it had been.

To help matters even more, Josh has been in an awful mood over the past few days. He's been crying very easily and only wants to be held. He gets upset when anyone other than me holds him and even when Matt is holding him, as soon as he sees or hears me, will start crying and try to throw himself out of Matt's arms to get to me. Yesterday we got his flu shot so I wasn't expecting that to help his mood but at dinner while I fed him, he suddenly started the "I'm in pain" screaming and I couldn't figure out what was wrong since he hadn't done anything to get hurt. Well this afternoon he started sucking/gnawing on my hand when I felt something sharp. I felt his gums with my thumb and this kid has a tooth!!! So now I understand his bad and clingy mood the past few days along with the sudden tears. Hopefully now that he cut the tooth, he'll relax a bit and not be in as much pain. I also know that we're officially in the teething time and it will just be one tooth after the other (poor kid).

You could say that I'm ready for the weekend. I think we might go up to Boston and explore. Either there or New York. Nighty-night!

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