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It’s Been Awhile

Well hey there! It’s been a long time since I last posted on here due to getting pregnant again, having the worst morning sickness ever, family visiting, traveling over the holidays, spending time with Matt before he left for four months and then getting used to full time single mom life.

Weeks 1-4:

Life was good! I got back to pre-baby weight right when I found out I was expecting again! I had an early scan to make sure I wasn’t having another ectopic pregnancy (I had that in July just four months postpartum). I was having light bleeding every other day which was concerning but baby was fine every time they checked. We told our immediate family that I was pregnant again. Weeks 5-13:

The most awful morning sickness which lasted all day and had me vomiting 3-5 times every single day and unable to eat much of anything. I finally got some nausea meds which took the edge off a bit but they never gave me enough to get me through to the next appointment. We told the rest of the family and social media that I was pregnant again on Christmas Day. Matt left for Virginia for the next four months. Week 14:

My nausea has finally let up and I can go all day without vomiting as long as I make sure I don’t get hungry, which is difficult since I’m now hungry almost all of the time. I’m trying to be more careful about what I eat as I can now that I’m eating more. I’ve only lost weight during the pregnancy so far and I want to be really careful about my weight gain over the next five months. I started feeling flutters last week!

The Overview:

Being pregnant while caring for your firstborn, particularly a crazy little baby that doesn’t stop moving until he’s asleep is the hardest thing ever. I have the world’s most amazing husband who cares for Josh and me unconditionally. Before he left, he took care of Josh the majority of the time so I capsule nap and rest, kept the house clean and took care of food and the kitchen for me. He definitely spoiled me and I can feel him gone with the house alone. I’m now doing my best to keep up with everything but over the MLK Jr long weekend, he came home and cleaned the whole house for me!

1/3 of the way done! We’re waiting on my new overseas screening that I had to re-submit after I got pregnant to see if I’m still cleared to go to Japan at all, with Matt in May before baby gets here or if I’ll have to wait till after I give birth to head over. Now I just have to prep the house for the pack-out, keep Josh happy and continue to grow this little one!

Check out that bump! 😉

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