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Hump Day, Hump Day

Woohoo! It’s the middle of the week! Making it half way through the week is very different as a stay-at-home-mom than it was when I was a preschool teacher. I no longer look forward to the weekend like I used to. It’s simply another day for me as I can‘t exactly tell my kids “have a great weekend; I’ll see you on Monday”. I did decide to do a fun pizza night with my in-laws and family friends that are in our bubble! I made homemade sourdough pizza and a chocolate cake from scratch! It all turned out quit’s delicious! Something that we used to do before kids was to host bible studies and/or parties. I absolutely love hosting and throwing parties so this was very fun for me to get to host and also spend time together with people that I love.

As we get closer to Josh’s second Birthday, I find myself running into a whole new dilema; with COVID and whatnot, how in the heck do I decide on who to invite? We have a couple different friends who are in our bubble but that doesn’t mean they’d be willing to hang out with each other since we are the common ground. Maybe Josh will get multiple parties this year! Well, as my stomach is very nicely full of pizza and cake, I’m falling asleep. But I did make myself write a blogpost! I was MIA for a bit since Matt’s ship pulled into port and we were actually able to talk (when his wifi wasn't dropping consistently)! Here’s to hoping this year moves by quickly for seeing Matt again but also slowly for how fast the boys will be growing up.

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