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Cold Coffee

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that parenting equals drinking cold coffee for the unforeseeable future...

You wake up in the morning and head downstairs to start that delicious liquid from heaven when the baby decides he needs to be up right now! So you go back up to his room as your coffee has just finished filling up, get him up, change his diaper and then take him back downstairs where you set him down on the floor to play (and hopefully not need to be nursed immediately) while you add creamer and sugar to your cup of coffee. You take a few glorious sips of moderately warm coffee (because it's no longer hot-hot) when your child decides that he needs food NOW! So you set that cup back down and go to nurse him. In the past, when your baby was nothing more than an immobile vegetable in your arms, you could have continued to sip away, but with your wiggle worm that requires both hands while nursing now to ensure that he doesn't propel himself out of your arms and onto the floor, your cup of coffee sits sadly next to you taunting you with the fact that it's just getting colder and colder. When he finishes up nursing, you put him back down to play and grab that cup! By now it's a little warmer than room temperature (which isn't saying much in the New England morning crispness). Now you need to get yourself some breakfast while the child is currently content so you take your cup back into the kitchen and continue to drink that almost cold coffee while you cook up some eggs. Your child will then smell the eggs and start yelling because that is his favorite food and obviously you've made them for him and not yourself. So you sit down in front of his highchair and use his tray like your own table while you take turns on who gets the next bite of egg. You then realize that you forgot your coffee in the kitchen while you quickly tried to get some egg into your child's mouth to get him to stop screaming, so you run back into the kitchen to collect your coffee and then sit back down in front of your baby. You then sip your cold coffee.

Such is life.

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