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But Why Though?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

When you live in a house that doesn't have A/C, you tend to keep the windows open 24/7. There have only been a few days that I've had to close some windows because it got too cold. This last weekend was rather warm though and it won't be cooling down all that much till the end of next week. Today has had a very nice breeze however, so much so that I could probably get away with calling it windy. Similar to the Santa Ana's but not dry.

This evening however has gone from nice in my house with the cool wind coming inside to my whole house smelling like weed. This makes me angry. Luckily, my baby's room doesn't smell like weed. I don't care if people want to smoke it (although I'm against smoking since it's very dangerous for your lungs and thereby health), eat it, use the oil or however else you might do "weed" but I am hugely against second hand smoke (particularly since becoming a mother and not wanting my child to breath in smoke). So now my house is all closed up and getting warmer by the minute.

I just wish people understood the dangers of second hand smoke and found other ways to get their "weed" fix without smoking it.

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